Monday, March 12, 2007

New Friends, Old Friend

For the longest time I didn't think we would have a winter but Mother Nature was kind to us and gave us a month+ of full-on Winter with a couple of storms, a cold snap long enough to freeze the river all the way across and 6 weeks of snow-covered ground . It ended last week with temperatures in the teens and now the melting begins, today we hit 53 and it is supposed to be in the 60's on Wednesday which is just in time since we have 5 weeks till the Boston Marathon and we were not running in February due to the snow and cold. We went out for a jog yesterday and are back on track with a 10k on St Patrick's Day across the river in Holyoke!!

On Sunday Colleen's co-worker Wendy and her partner Kim and their daughter Hannah came over to spend the morning with us. Hannah is 5 a month or 2 older than Gaelen and they got on fine, running wrestling and having pillow fights. We took them down to the river and explored the driftwood plies and the floatsam and jetsome left over from the autumn rains.

Hannah loved the tire swing I had made for the backyard tree and spent a lot of time on it!!!

After our outdoor time we had quesadillas for lunch.

Chuck and Bill in NYC in 1988

I got a surprise call over the weekend from my friend Bill Coursen of NYC. I worked for him in 1987-88 when I lived in the Big Apple cold calling businesses to set up insurance sales for Bill who is a broker with Guardian. Chuck worked for him briefly as well when he spent a month with me in NYC in March of '88. When Chuck was over the pond for X-mas and was heading to NYC with Eoadin I told him to try and look him up. He didn't but but we must have planted the synchronistic seeds because Bill said he got to thinking of us and dialed 411 in Toledo and found my dad who gave him our number. It was really nice to catch up with him. He is still in NYC and we are going to get together in May when Gamma and me head to the Bronx for a Red Sox/Yankee game on the eve of my birthday.

Ambiana being cute, our visit to the Children's Museum
and Hannah comes over!