Monday, February 19, 2007

Winter finally!!

Oh Winter, finally here with a big storm last Tuesday evening. We woke to lots of snow and everything closed though I ventured out for a job interview on empty snow filled streets. We got maybe 6" with a weird mix of teeny tiny ice balls that didn't really accumulate but blew around and drifted. The temps stayed cold and the river froze completely across to the island which was cool. I ventured out to it because i could!
The days following the storm have been clear and cold as well. Here are Ambiana and Colleen on one of our many trips to the library!

Gamma came to visit on Friday and stayed through Monday. She slept on the couch and Gaelen joined her there on Friday night. On Saturday morning we went to the Egg and I for breakfast.

Katie and Maya joined us on Sunday for lots of fun. We visited the Holyoke Flea Market and then played a a thrilling gmae of Cranium Turbo juggling Eden, Ambiana and Maya. Colleen, Gamma and I emerged the champions!


We had 9 people around the dinner table Sunday night for spaghetti and salad and bread. Yum! Katie and Maya decided to spend the night too and slept on the papason cushion on the living room floor. It was a fun family filled weekend with lots of laughs and even some ice-cream!

Our fun filled weekend!!!