Monday, March 06, 2006

Ambiana- Week 8 &
Gaelen comes to our House :)

8 weeks young. Ambiana is growing up! Each morning when we wake up we have tummy time and she holds up her BigStrongHead, then it's sponge and sun bath and MommyTime while DaddyWorks from home. She now goes shopping alone with Momma and we take sunset walks and she just positively loved her bath last night, cooin and talkin and splashin her little arms and feet.

And she is fascinated by our one baby item which Colleen uses to entertain her while she takes a shower!

See Gamma catch a Wave!!!!
Click on Play to see Ambiana's 8th week including rockin' out with daddy to the Photon Band as they send the I-moch energy north to AK for the Photon shows at the Sitz!!!!

Gaelen enjoys his apple-juice sno-cone! This past Sunday was the day I've been hopin' for for 4 years, Gaelen came to our house for the whole day! It was wonderful! As we sat eating this sno-cone Gaelen looked over at me and said "Isn't this great? me and you together...we don't get to spend much time together but now we do!" My heart just about melted, I was feelin' the same way. We spent some time down at the river and I shared with him my project of clearing and cleaning up the wooded strip and the banks of old deadwood and trash and he was excited to help. We explored the backyard and came in through the secret basement entrance and played all of the games in Colleen's game cupboard. Twister with a 4 year old is lots of fun! Molly and John were in Springfield for a birthing class and came by at to pick him up and stayed a bit as he finished up his cheesy pasta.

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Click Play to join Gaelen at our house!