Monday, October 09, 2006


Just look at our big girl. She is crawling all over the place, waving at everything and everyone in site, has a few new words like "bug" and "ball" and is accumulating some bumps and bruises as she experiences Gravity while pulling herself up to inspect EVERYTHING! We love her soooooooo much and the last 9 moons have been so very special! If you haven't already done so check out the link in the sidebar to our Brand New Webpage. You can access our blog from there as well as find all kinds of stuff related to us, our families and our lives. Also check out the sidebar link to my brother Ben and his gal Laurel's blog. They are going on a big trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Hawai'i after Thanksgiving so there blog will be a must see!

Autumn is is full bloom here in massachusetts, the colors are spectacular and the weather has been perfect. Warm days and cool nights. The past holday weekend (we won't even get into why we should not be celebrating a slave-trader who opened up the hemisphere to genocide and exploitation) was a big time for Tag Sales here in Western Mass (called yard sales and garage sales everywhere else) and we spent the weekend acquiring more books and picture frames and fun games.

Gaelen spent the night with us on Saturday. I have an issue with having to take his picture all the time, probably stems from the periods when I did not see him for months and the pictures kept me close to him. Well he said this weekend that I have too many pictures of him as it is so I am trying to scale back and not have the camera in his face all weekend. As a result this is the best shot I have of him this past weekend.

We had dinner guests on Saturday night, 2 girls and thier babies we met at Goosewing Beach back in July. Gaelen and I made us all a fire after dinner and we watched the stars come out over the river. Gaelen and I watched our very first movie together: STAR WARS (episode 4). I think it was a bit over his head but he really seemed to enjoy it as he asked a gazillion questions through-out it. He even called me yesterday at 7am to ask "How can there be Stormtroopers in the 2nd movie if they were on the death Star when it blew up???"

Click Play to hear Gaelen's 7AM Stormtrooper question :)

My sister Katie and Maya acame and spent the day with us Sunday and joined us tag sale-ing. We talso played in the park and went to McCrays for ice cream and animals. It was madness as it is full on pumpkin pickin'/haunted maze harvets fest time and there were tons of folk there. We all had Moose Tracks ice cream.

See Ambiana see a Horse and her new and improved crawling!

Our little sweety pie!

South Hadley Leaves!