Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Trip to HorseNeck Beach

We left home on thursday in a tropical downpour and drove 2 hours through the same until just before we reached the State Park where we wanted camp. Gamma met us outside the entrance and we got the very last campsite.

I set up immediately the tent anticipating rain which never came save for a sprinkle or two. we had a lovely pasta meal and then built a sweet fire out of the left-over canoe wood, river wood, wood from the bed that was in the back of my '93 Ranger and the stick that held our washer door closed the past 2 months. We spread a blanket in front of the fire, listened to the Red Sox game and to tales of Mom's experience at the WideSpread Panic show with Tony and Beth

It was cloudy and windy in the morning but still no rain. We hit the beach which was empty but far superior to the Little Compton RI beach we went to last month as it was larger and the waves were bigger.

We set up the tent as a sun shelter as it did clear up around noon, Katie Bob and Maya arrived at 11:30 to join us for a fun beach day.

Gaelen really loved the water and I gave him bodysurfin' lessons and he did quite well riding the small waves close to the beach and not freakin' out when a wave took him under.

Gaelen was great with Gamma watching over her as she frolicked in the surf!


See Gamma catch a Wave!!!!


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