Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One Solar orbit complete!

At 11:43am this morning the sun returned to the 19 2' 8" degree of Capricorn, the position it was at when Ambiana Snow Glavin emerged from the womb of Colleen Marie Kutin. (Ambiana's time of birth was 5:49am but we choose to celebrate the Solar Return rather than the clock-time of her birth) Last night we watched the complete video of Colleen's labor and Ambiana's birth. So amazing to re-visit that time and see the birth process one solar orbit removed. Back then we had just met Ambiana and watching now we had tears in our eyes as we recognized in her first little sounds and movements and facial expressions the Ambiana we know, love and treasure.

Preparations are under way for the celebration of birth. We are re-modeling our living room to accommodate our guests (I think we are expecting 13 people) and gathering the necessary items for our ritual and potluck feast. We are re-inventing the birthday celebration and two of the major renovations involve the gifts and the cake. Rather than accepting gifts, Colleen and I are making gifts for our guests to thank them for their love and support throughout the past year.

We have replaced the cake with a TreeCircle, a 3" x 12" diameter cross-section of a tree which symbolizes Life & Growth. In the center of the TreeCircle a hole has been drilled and a candle placed in it to symbolize the first solar orbit Ambiana has completed. The TreeCircle with one candle burning will be the center piece of our birth day altar and as part of our ritual commemorating Ambiana's Birth a second candle will be lit to mark the beginning of her 2nd Orbit. Our guests will then be invited to share with us their thoughts on Ambiana's presence in their life in the past year.

Watch our baby grow!!!!!!