Thursday, May 24, 2007


My 43rd orbit commenced with Gaelen hopping into bed with us and giving me this beautiful handmade dolphin as a birthday gift! Then everyone left the house for a playdate leaving me with a blissful 3 hours of alone time...

...which I spent out in the backyard doing morning stretch and communing with the dandylions gone to seed!

We continued the birthday celebration by going out to the Holyoke Elks Club for their weekly 5k run around the Ashley Reservoir. It is a beautiful course on a dirt road around a lovely body of water full of ducks and geese and with a nice stretch through the woods!

Gaelen wanted to run with us and surprised us all by running almost 2 miles before hopping into the jogger with Ambiana. We came in last but we came in as a family! It was lots of fun, there were about 80 other folk running and afterwards we had an indoor picnic 'cause of the 'squitos and chowed down on birthday calzones.

Back home we had cake and ice cream, no slab of wood with a candle and a birthday pie for me, we still celebrate old school for the older folk though we did without the decorations, party hats and gifts!