Thursday, August 10, 2006

7 Moons

Our little smoo is 7 moons old!!! She is so on the verge of crawling and is able to scoot forward, backwards and in circles. She has discovered her shadow and plays with it in the morning when she wakes up and twists to look at it when we are out walking. She sits at the table with us when we eat munchin on a carrot and making horrible faces when we spoon feed her some mushed veggie or other. She LOVES to drink out of our Nalgene water bottles and squeals when she sees one and just HAS to have it. She has also perfected a piercing high pitched squeal which she displays whenever she is upset or wants up or wants something. She is over her fear of the wading pool and loves to splash about in it. We love her SO MUCH and can't imagine life without her

Canoe Update

I went to Boston last week with Colleen and Ambiana when I had planned to stay back and fiberglass the hull so until they depart this weekend (for a ReggaeFest somewhere in VT) I have been working on the seat frames. They are made of Red Oak and will be strung. My task this past week has been to measure and cut the wood and then join them by making 8 mortise & tenon joints. To do this I needed to buy a backsaw and a set of chisels as well as a vise to hold the wood while I work. You can see in the picture my tools as well as the tenon (the tounge of wood) and the mortise (the chiseld hole) into which it fits. The joints will then be glued in preparation for the drilling of the holes through which to string the seats. Colleen Sharkey I am sorry to say that due to the fibeglassin' delay there most likely will not be a canoe for us to paddle in when you are here :( We will have our kayak though and you can take her out and explore the channel, the island and the bridge on the Connecticut across the street.