Monday, May 29, 2006

Ambiana @ 19 and 20 weeks plus our RoadTrip West!

Ambiana at 19 weeks in Chicago...

and at 20 weeks back home at the end of our 12 day roadtrip...doesn't she look bigger? more mature? the time on the road, in the car seat, meeting all her relations, seeing the country from the Eastern seaboard thru the Appalachians, the Ohio Valley and back thru the Catskills really had an impact on her.

View a short film of our Roadtrip :)

Ambiana spent her first nights in the tent...

got a taste of outdoor living and cooking in Pittsburgh...

met Susan and Curtis in Columbus Ohio...

...met Zane, Stormy and Dave in Cincinnati...

Colleen built our roadtrip around the Potato Run ContraDance Weekend in the O'Bannon Woods of Southern Indiana. We camped and danced 2 nights just above the Ohio! We saw familiar faces and dance friends and of course EVERYONE loved Ambiana! Click Play to view our dancing fun!

After the dance we drove north to Chicago where Ambiana met her Grandpa Jim who adored her!

She also met Anne, Bob, Briana, Shannon and Colleen in Oak Park where we cheered on Briana as she played softball!!

And then there was the big Kutin Family Get-Together at Aunt Cheryl's house where she met Cheryl, Bruce, Dolly, Karen, Steve, Lindsey, Ryan and K2 as we affectionatley call Grandpa Jim's ladyfriend! Daddymoch turned 41 on May 24th watching the Red Sox almost beat the Yankees, if only Big Papi had hit that Grand Slam, as it was Manny came thru with not 1 but two homers!

We stopped in Toledo to visit with Aunt Patti and Grampa Travii

and we made our final stop in Fabius NY to visit with Bill, Karen, Riley...

Karley and Kassidy!

We missed one visit with Gaelen while away and it was beyond wonderful to see him on Sunday after we got back. He made me 2 birthday presents: a collage/drawing and a stained glass dolphin (actualy plastic but stained glass sounds so much nicer) which he painted and a balsa glider. He brought his frisbee we gave him last year plus his hula hoop and bow and arrow. He explained to me that he is part Indian because his Grandma is part Indian and that makes his Mom part Indian which makes him part Indian!!! I love him so much. I see alot of Molly in him which is funny because I met Eden Lippman-Mast when Molly picked him up and she is the spittin' image of John; same eyes same nose.

The Gaelen Movie

Our Happy SunShiney Family!!!

Building the Canoe

The planking is coming right along; it took me a few days after we got back to head back down into the basement to work on her what with the days stretching with 8pm summerlike sunsets. I am making the transition from vertical to horizontal, now the shearing of the planks to fit the bow and stern sections comes into play. I listen to the Red Sox while I measure, cut, glue and staple the planks, it's like meditation ;)