Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ambiana- week 4 and Our Weekend with Debbie and Gaelen

Click Play to view footage of Ambiana during her 4th week on the outside of Colleen's belly!

Debbie, Colleen's friend from Chicago flew in Friday night to meet Ambiana and see Colleen. She stayed till Sunday leaving just b4 our Super Bowl Party!

Debbie and Ambiana :)

Gaelen joined grandma and me for breakfast and then he took us to the playground of his 1st school in Massachusetts. He is so sweet for sharing. The trophy I got for him because the community center we have been playing at has a trophy case and Gaelen wanted one and wanted to know how to get one. I explained you get them usually by joining a team or entering a competition and winning. Gaelen told me he wanted one but he didn't want to join a team or win to get one. I remembered when I was 10 and wanted a trophy and played a whole agonizing season of Pop Warner Football (as a left tackle no less) just to get a trophy so I told Gaelen I would get him one and found this one through Freecycle.org (great website, furnished our home etc.) I presented it to Gaelen at breakfast when he had successfully balanced four coffee creamers on top of each other. He was so excited, his face lit up and he embraced it. I am so glad he did not have to suffer through months of football practice and games to get it. On a positive note, Molly and I have reached an agreement that will bring Gaelen to our house every other Sunday from 9am to 5pm. We are so excited to be able to have him with us for a whole 8 hours plus I still will visit him on the intervening Sundays in Great Barrington for 2 hours.

Click Play to see video of our weekend with Debbie, DolphinBoy and Gaelen:)