Sunday, December 25, 2005

37.5 weeks, Christmas and Soulstice

Mom, Chuck and Patti joined us on Christmas Eve and are spending the weekend with us. Join us as we open presents by watching the video below. :)


Baby is coming soon, hopefully after the weekend when our guest are all gone. We celebrated the immenence of the birth by painting Colleen's Belly.

Click on Play to watch a video of the Belly Painting!


Gaelen and Molly went back to Ohio for a couple of weeks. I got to spend the Soulstice afternoon with Gaelen. We played in my truck which he loves. For his present I gave him a photo album with pictures of us from the past 5 months.

Mochi and Colleen get Creative!

Tis the season 2b creative.
Here are some clips of our creativity in action

Click Play 2c Colleen b creative!

Click Play 2c Mochi b creative :)