Monday, April 30, 2007


Eden celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday. Molly, Gaelen and her went to Housatonic for cake and presents while Ambiana, Colleen and me went north to Amherst to run another 5 miler. Lots of hills in this one, all of us finished but not so great as last weekend. We did run into our friends Vince and Nina and their adorable 19 month old Noemma. Vince ran a blistering 34:05 or something ridiculously fast like that. I ran a 46:35 and colleen fished in just under 54 minutes. Once again lots of food, yum. I then caught the beginning of the Red Sox/ Yankee game at the Amherst Brew Pub while Colleen and Ambiana went to the library. Ambiana can walk she just chooses not to, this morning she took about 20 steps including a turn as I kept backing away from her. Someday she'll get it! Slow week full house.

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