Monday, April 17, 2006

Ambiana- 14 Weeks: Aunt Patti and Grandpa visit!

Ambiana Speaks!

We had a fun day with Gaelen, he drifted in and out of sleep on the drive to our house but was wide awake once we arrived. We went in through the basement (his idea) and checked out the progress on the canoe I am building, he likes looking at the tools, upstairs he was shy for about 10 seconds around Patti and my dad before pulling out all his stuff from his backpack.

Patti was wearing a shirt with a superman logo and he called her supergirl and he spent some time showing her his sticker book and a fuzzy chick he got in his easter basket. We then spent a good hour playing with his Play Doh, making snakes and snails and cutting out shapes with Colleen's cookie cutters.

After Play Doh we made lunch, Gaelen did not want to eat his veggies so I made him a raspberry jelly sandwich (homemade jelly) and we talked about how veggies are good for us even though they don't taste so good all the time and that it is more important to eat good food than food that tastes really good though it is best when food is both good for you and tastes good. He did eventually eat some carrots and broccoli. We also had a talk about his Easter candy he had brought with him as it contained Red #6 and Blue #4 among other artificial colors and I told him it is not good to eat food with artificial colors in it as they are chemicals and are not good for him. We had some organic unsweetened chocolate chips instead.

Nap time was spent quietly reading and talking. He let me pick apart some of the dreds I was surprised to find in his hair and he told me it felt good when I did so. We also worked on his speech, making S sounds and working on the L's, he likes to rhyme words.

After naptime we went outside, I had made him a tire swing but he didn't want to swing in it just then. We went down to the river with Patti and my dad joined us. We threw rocks and sticks into the river and made little rivers with our sticks in the mud. We then went up on the bluff to plant some flower. Gaelen climbed on some dead trees and took a little tumble off a branch, he wasn't hurt, just scared. We then went to work clearing the little wood of dead branches and used them to line the paths that I have made. We went down to the river again and picked up trash. He is a good little worker and eager to help. Back inside we played a board game and then watched some video clips of him and ambiana on the computer, then it was time to go. He suprised us all by giving my dad and patti a hug good bye though he still does not want to hold ambiana!

Our Play doh Sunday!