Monday, December 18, 2006

A Global Warm Winter cometh...

This is our Winter home. I wish it were covered in snow as it is soulstice time. Night is long, days are short...and FREAKIN' WARM. I miss the snow, I know it is still autumn for a few more days but I feel like we should be nestling under a thick white blanket. Curse our civilization for ravaging the planet and warming her up with our noxious gases. America the beautiful, it sure was when it was a verdant forest and grassland but then our culture got a hold of it. We'd already wasted Europe and Asia and, freedom and liberty my ass, we were just moving away from the mess. Well there ain't no more place to go and we'd better start taking care of our mess or it will consume us. Green solstices in the Northern Hemisphere are only the beginning. Our current strife comes out of our greed to keep on ravaging at all costs as those ravaged start to fight back. It's no longer about nations, it's about those who would be Earthians, defenders of the planet, humanity and a sustainable culture and those who pledge allegience to ideology before their own humanity.

Colleen and I ran a 10k at Forest Park in Springfield on Saturday. Well I did anyway as Colleen took a wrong turn and ran maybe 5 miles instead of the 6.2. I was pushing Ambiana who slept the whole way. Daddy-moch did not have a great run, it felt longer than the half marathon we ran a month ago. It was a low key affair, no timers, no mile markers, just about 90 or so running nuts who make up the Springfield harriers and get together for 13 Saturdays in a row to run a little race.

We went to Great Barrington to spend some of Sunday with Gaelen, we went to the pool which was cold and not much fun after a summer of ponds and rivers. Molly and Eden met us there and we all helped Gaelen build a tiny gingerbread house out of frosting and all kinds of candy. Gaelen we have noticed has some anger issues. It must be tough living in the strained household he inhabits. I am at a loss as to what to do, our time together is so brief. It is time to bring up changing our visitation schedule to every other weekend so that he can spend a bigger chunk of time with us. Molly is going to Ohio for Christmas and leaves in 6 days. We are going to go to a solstice party with her and Gaelen on Thursday and then Gaelen is going to come back to our house for the night, the next day and the next night. We are way excited about the double overnight!!! He will be in Ohio for 2 weeks.

Eden and Gaelen with St Nick :)

Come to the library with Ambiana
and make a GingerBread house with Gaelen!!!!!!