Monday, December 04, 2006


Friday evening 7pm, December 1st, I am outside in the garage working on the canoe. IT IS 67 DEGREES and there is a thunderstorm moving in ahead of the cold front. Very weird to be so warm and watching a full on thunderstorm with a sky full of lightening in December. Global warming, sign of the end times, or just a wayward pocket of warm atmosphere checking out New England? Whichever it is I DON'T LIKE IT :( It is December. I want 2' of snow on the ground, snow angels on the lawn along with a snowman, a snowgirl and a snowbaby. If I wanted warm weather in December I'd move to New Zealand.

Ambiana has a BIG upper tooth coming in so naturally Mommy is showing her how to brush her teeth :) Debbie and Dudley came to visit on Sunday and you can see them in the video clip :)
Bath time is always fun!
As is after bathtime :)

Click Play for Ambiana!!!!!!

I spent Sunday morning with Gaelen at the playground and his house. He is having a bit of a hard time emotionally. Molly has made it clear to us over the past 6 weeks that her relationship with John is over and that she is looking for someway to leave him, either returning to Ohio or somehow staying in the area. We have offered her the extra bedroom in our house and feel this is a better option than her returning to Ohio with Gaelen and Eden. Gaelen knows something is up, yu can't help but feel it when there is such disharmony in the home, and he is easily moved to tears. Our playground time didn't last long, he fell over kicking a ball and began to cry and didn't want to play anymore, than he decided he wanted to hide the ball and have me find it but when I did he broke into tears again saying he didn't want me to find it.

We decided to go back and play at his house and once we got there he was in a much better mood. We bounced for a long time on the trampoline for the last time this year as it was being disassembled later that day. We had our snack beneath it and were there when Molly returned from some shopping. As it came closer for me to leave Gaelen told me he didn't want me to leave, that there is no one to do anything with if I go and that he wanted to go to my house today. It breaks my heart to see him so emotionally distraught. Molly has been open with me concerning her plans and more recently John and I have exchanged emails and we are going to all get together hopefully before the holiday break to come up with a solution that will keep Molly and our kids close by. It is amazing how things can change in just one solar orbit.