Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our time in South Hadley is Winding down...

Yaya doing yoga with Daddy-dads in the morning!!!

17 days and counting till we begin our big trip West!!! We are slowly gettin' rid of most of our stuff via craigslist.com. In the past 2 weeks we've sold our kayak, our sofa, our stereo and cabinet, various baby stuff, the twin bed in the back room plus we've been selling lots of books on Amazon.com. This weekend coming up is the 1st of our garage sales. Gaelen will be selling juice and cookies as we sell our household belongings.

We spent the past weekend at an Organic Farming conference at Hampshire College, in between sessions we climbed a peak in the Holyoke range that we hiked in the spring before there were leaves on the trees. We took Gaelen up with us again and he proved to be a mighty good hiker!!!

He we all are enjoying the summit, it was beautiful sunny hot and blue sky with great views from the top!

Colleen signed us up in May to work at Red Fire Farm, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm in Granby in exchange for a weekly share of veggies and flowers. We bike out 6 miles to the farm 3x's a week and put in 4 hours each time picking veggies, weeding and whatever other chores there are to do. We've met our kind of folk there; earthy, aware, striving towards sustainability type folk and it is good to be able to take part in the process that brings food to our table. In addition to our weekly share there are also a couple of pick your own veggies to gather each week and Yaya is a big help in that department!!!

Ambiana is getting pretty good at telling us when she has to go peepee and here she is peeing with Momma! She tells us when she poos too but is often pooing when she tells us. We would like her to be potty trained for our big trip so we don't have to dealwith diapers.

Found an old photo of Uncle Dick (Dad's bro) and ain't Yaya just the spittin' image of him???