Monday, February 12, 2007


"OHANA-"An Hawai'ian word meaning family in an extended sense of the term including both blood-related or extended. It emphasizes that family and friends are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another. We returned from Florida and entered a whole new life. The brown, mild temp winter is now an icy cold and snow covered one and our house has blossomed island-style with the addition of Molly, Gaelen and Eden. Not normal but then again what most consider normal we consider insane. Having grown up in a family of 9, our Ohana of 6 is just about right. The past 7 days have been filled. We made a big family bed for Molly, Eden and Gaelen in the back room, added another diaper pail to the laundry room and brought up two chairs from the basement to fit us all around the dinner table.

I had a job interview last Thursday and was hired to be a Barista at the Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters Cafe in Easthampton. I worked 3 training shifts over the weekend and Monday and found it to be a mellow place compared to the Bake Shop. I also interviewed Monday with a non-profit called LivingRoutes in Amherst about doing some tech-support for them. They provided placement of college students in sustainable communities worldwide for college credit and life experience. It would be a really good place to work, much better than providing a caffeine fix for all the easthamton coffee junkies. I have another interview on Wednesday in the Deli of an upscale supermarket.

I love having Gaelen in the same house as me 24/7, it is quite a contrast from just a weekly visit, the transition from playmate to parent is going to be a slow one. He is used to having my 100% attention and that is just not possible now as I have Spanda work and job searching and Ambiana to draw my attention away from him. In the long run this will be better for both of us but it can be a bit confusing to him now. He is very high energy and we have to work on weening him from sugar and treats to a more healthy diet. We go to the river almost everyday and have had several frigid sunset fires which is nice.

Eden loves Ambiana and is picking up her vocalizations. She is a very mellow and smiley baby, we hardly hear a peep out of her. Molly has been very pleasant and helpful, cooking meals 2-3 times a week and helping with dishes and clean-up. Who would have thought we'd all be living together a year ago, "TIME" is really a great healer. You can never really know what another trip around the sun will bring!

3 minutes before bedtime!!!