Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving in Toledo

Turkey Trot 5k

With my Momma along for the ride we took off last Tuesday evening west towards Toledo Ohio to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday at my Dad's house. We made our usual stop at the Scahills in Webster NY who are THE BEST HOST EVER, not only do they have yummy food for us and a great big bed to snuggle in but they mix my Momma a big old glass of hootch and put a sheet down on the couch for her. We love them ALOT! We arrived in Toledo on Wednesday evening. Ben and his gal Laurel were already there and we munched out on Pizza at Jo-Jo's where Ben used to dishwash and Patti goes every Wednesday night to the adjoining bar for fun and merriment!

The next morning at 9am Colleen, Ambiana and I headed out to Sylvania for a 5k Turkey Trot, we had hoped EVERYONE would join us but none did :( Nonetheless there were 800 other fun runners who ran the race with us in the early AM Fog. We had a good pace going but Ambiana had a meltdown just past the 2 mile mark. She was waving to everyone and loving it for the 1st 2 miles but 2 days in the car and a shortage of naps short circuit her happiness. Even with the break we still broke 30 minutes and enjoyed every second of it, after the 1/2 marathon it didn't even feel like we ran!

Dad bought the Turkey pre-cooked at Krogers, Colleen cooked some squash and a Pineapple Jello Yum and Aunt Elaine and Uncle Dick brought their famous 7-Layer Jello and a casserole and Momma supervised the makings of a String Bean thingy. It was all very yum, here you can see Ben and Laurel enjoying it!

Tony and his gal Beth arrived on Thursday morning from the Carolina's. As they have 3 dogs, Thunder and two pit bull puppies: Medina and Zamorah, they stayed at the Red Roof Inn. I went and ran with the dogs a few times and they are big sweeties! On Friday we all tagged along with Ben and Laurel at the Art Museum, all of us except for Colleen and Ambiana who drove to Port Clinton to meet up with Stormy and Zane for a few hours. Colleen got a speeding ticket on the ride home YIKES!!! But she made it home in time to play Cranium which was won by Beth and Tony!!

We spent Saturday clearing out Mom and Patti's storage unit and going through boxes for our stuff,; old pictures and yearbooks and the like. I collected some Red Sox stuff for the porch and some old STAR WARS memorabilia for Gaelen to Enjoy! Ben and Laurel left for Columbus at Noon to visit her sister. That night we were back at Jo-Jo's for dinner, Tony treated and his friend Pat Collins came along and entertained us all with after-dinner magic tricks. We spent the rest of the evening watching Notre Dame lose to USC. Who knew Tony was such a football fan!

Join us for Thanksgiving!!!

We left Ohio on Sunday and stopped again at the Scahills for the night and on Monday made our way East. We stopped at CampHill Village in Copake NY as we are interested in living there next year. Check out the link to see what it is all about. It is in a beautiful rural location in the Catskills and would be an interesting experience in community living which both Colleen and I are interested in. We also stopped in and spent 2 hours with Gaelen. He lost his 1st tooth sometime last week, not sure exactly when as he probably swallowed it with his lunch at school! We bounced on the Trampoline and played indoors, visiting with Molly and Eden and building some STAR WARS stuff out of LEGOS!.

Join us on the Trampoline

Canoe Update

I have been taking advantage of the warm weather to repair a few of the bubbles in the fiberglass coat, sanding the hull in preparation for varnishing and searching the area for some plastic cane to weave the seats with. My building methods are not the same as the aborigenal american birch bark canoe by any means but I thought it would interest you all to see how they constructed a canoe. I am hoping to have the canoe varnshed and the thwart in place for the inaugeral float on the Mt Holyoke Pond sometime this month.