Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ambiana- week 16 and a visit to the Holyoke Children's Museum!

16 weeks! Such a sweety pie! Her new trick is an arch! The weather has been beautiful and springlike, alll the trees have budded and many also have leaves, its amazing how quickly spring comes here in the lower 48! Down on the river the fishermen have appeared. Boats fill the channel and fires line the banks on the weekend night. Colleen and our upstairs neighbor Donna have started on the garden! We are preparing for our trip west in 2 weeks and are excited for a little roadtrip, our 1st with Ambiana!

Gaelen makes a BIG bubble! We had a fun if hectic time with Gaelen at the Children's museum. There was a water exhibit, it was a mock up of the Holyoke Canals and Gaelen enjoyed opening the locks and watching the water spin the wheels, he knows all about turbines and shared his knowledge with us. There was a pendulum sand painter and big bubble makers and a mock ups of an ambulance with flashing lights and a defibrillator which he was fascinated with and a forklift. There was also a crawl-thru tunnel he called a little house which we spent alot of time in as well as on the climbing apparatus with all kinds of carpeted curves and slides. He made a friend named Rain who he ran around with for an hour.

Back at our place we went down to the river and watched the fishermen and made a dam on a small stream and carved out some steps on the path down to the river.

Building the Canoe

The Molds are all attched to the strongback, a temporary keel is helping to keep them in place. As all my lumber used in building the strongback was salvaged from the Connecticut River banks it took quite a bit of fussing to make sure all the forms ware level. Now all I need is a squeezy bottle for the glue and I can begin to attach the planks to the molds.