Sunday, August 26, 2007

Seven days...

We've spent the past 2 weekends holding a tag sale to rid ourselves of our livin-indoors-accumulations and we've done quite more sofas, beds, chairs, tables...a lot has gone bye bye including Yaya's big silver ball we bounce her on..bye bye ball :(

Gaelen has been with us both weekends as well, we've been having big fires down at the river burning the wood that made building the canoe possible, I explained to him it was a ritual of thanks and he took a cooled down coal and buried it in the front yard to honor the sweet. We listened to the Red Sox beat up on the White Sox by the fire as well.

It's gonna be a busy 7 days of wrapping up loose ends. I am done with and the coffeeshop, Colleen has 3 days of work left and we are done with the CSA Farm as well. We went this past weekend to a Tomato festival there where Yaya and Gaelen got to ride a PONY!!!!

See The Pony Galloping, Galloping...

Where our Pool was...


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