Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Florida: week2

After the SnowBall weekend we went south to Naples to visit Colleen's friends Roz & Jim. Finally we had some warm Florida weather and spent a sunset evening at the beach followed by an afternoon at another beach. Naples is a really really affluent community filled with gated golf course communities at one of which Roz and Jim reside. Their house has a pool which of course Ambiana loved and was adjacent to the 1st Hole on the golf course. Ambiana and i took a morning stroll along the golf cart path and watched the duffers drive the balls..."ba" "ba" "ba"

The water was a brisk 63 degrees and Colleen and i were the only ones frolicking in it. We did collect a lot of shells to bring back with us. Ambiana is ok with pools but didn't care for the slight surf. She did like to dig in the sand though.

Ambiana loves to read, especially anything anyone else is reading. Here she is reding with her papa a historical novel he found in a Tampa thrift store about the Abenaki Indians and their role in Benedict Arnold's campaign against Quebec in 1775 (before he was badly maligned as a traitor)

Jim and Roz with Colleen and Ambiana

After Naples we spent another night with Dale and Kristie before heading north to Atlanta to visit Kelly whom Colleen met in Australia and her man Austin. They lived in a big old house with cats and Ambiana loves cats, couldn't get enough of them, screaming with delight each time she saw them and wanting to see them immediately upon waking. We went to a Super Bowl Party at Kelly's dads house and watched the game on a 60" HDTV Plasma set. It was an a good game. Prince was the MVP. If you didn't catch his halftime set check it out below.


On Monday we drove 1059 miles home from Atlanta in 18 hours arriving at 3:45am. We were planning on camping in Virginia again but it was 5 degrees there at 5pm and projected to get below zero so we decided to push on home. Two giant cups of Coffee, a good book on CD about the American Exploring Expedition of 1838-42, and cruise control set at 75mph got us there. We blazed through NYC at 1am which was fine as there was only us and the semis on the normally congested roads. Molly, Gaelen and Eden were there to greet us when we got in as we weren't as quiet as we hoped to be. Our house is full, outside it is Winter, temps in the teens with an inch or two of snow on the ground, our wading pool is full of frozen rainwater and the river is frozen as well. It is good to be home and to this new chapter in our lives :)

on the way home...