Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Off to Florida

We finally got some snow, it's just a trace, not the 1000" they have back in G'wood but it's snow! and right in time for our departure to Florida! We'll probably be missing the only snow of the Winter :( but we are excited to go visit Dale and Christie and dance at the Tampa SnowBall ContraDance Weekend and vist Alisha in SC and Kelly in Atlanta and Roz in Naples! not to mention the beach, the sand, the ocean and the warm winter sun in a place it is s'posed to be warm! We are leaving at 6pm tonight and are driving thru NYC and Pennsylvania to the George Washington National Forest in VA where we will camp for the night before pushing on to Fort Mill, SC on Wednesday to spend the night with Alisha and her family before moving on to Tampa on Thursday!

Check in with us here for updates on our trip!