Monday, May 21, 2007

Spring Road Trip!!


Hello Everybody We're so GLAD to SEE You!!! We've been gone South and West for the past 12 days!!! YaYa drove us to North Carolina and the L.E.A.F Festival! Actually we stopped for coffee in NJ and YaYa jumped into the driver's seat to take her turn. We were up till 2am when we finally camped in a National Forest in Virginia.

The next day we had breakfast at a rest stop before completing the 800 mile drive to Black Mountain North Carolina, the home of the Lake Eden Arts Festival! It was sunny the whole drive and when we arrived it poured! Upon check in I found I was working the 1st of my volunteer shifts immediately! But upon reporting found there was nothing to do so they signed my card and let me go!

I found my lovies setting up camp in the family camp area. We wandered around after dinner and saw a few friends from Ohio!

Yaya found the lake and LOVED it wading in up to her waist with Mama. Yaya also learned to finally walk on her own on this trip and is walking all over the place now! The festival was lots of fun despite the rain on Friday and Saturday. Friends from Ohio, Massachusetts and Alaska were all there and we contra danced and listened to some great music, the best were the Carolina Chocolate Drops Check them OUT!!!!

Colleen and Gamma worked in Childcare on saturday and Sunday while I had a four hour clean up shift on Sunday. There was also a trapeze troupe set up giving flying lessons for $20 a pop. Ambiana loved watching them swing and fly! Sunday was sunny and warm and lots of fun. We drove north on Sunday night and camped at Boonesville State Park in Kentucky.

Visiting Stormy

On Monday we dropped Gamma off at the bus station in Cincinnati so she could go North to Toledo and visit Patti and my Dad. We continued on to Mason t visit Stormy and Dave and Zane and their new little baby Stone who is not so little! We spent 2 days with the Kenzik's eating good food and going on a fun swimming hole finding adventure. There was also a great big thunderstorm Tuesday Night

Visiting Sheri

On Wednesday we drove North to Columbus to visit the former Sheri Lynn Mercer now Limbert and her family. We had a wonderful time there. Sheri's kids, Austin, Jacob and Sydney are great kids, very friendly and nice as is her husband Mike. Sheri's parents live with her and it was great to see them again to as well as her cousin Diane and her husband Bobby and their 3 kids who came over for dinner!. We spent the night in the boys room and left in the soggy morning.

Visiting Beth and Keith

North we went to Cleveland to visit Beth and Kieth and Avery and their new baby Kendalyn in their nice new-to-us home.

My Dad brought my Mom over from Toledo and beth had a yummy lunch spread for us to enjoy. Kim and Lucy were there as well and it was a very fun little break in our long drive to Webster.

Visiting Nana

We loaded Mom up and off we went to the East pulling into Webster just after 6pm. Nana had dinner waiting for us with a yum dessert. She was over at Tim's house so I brought Gamma over there to stay with her. Nana joined us the next day and we spent a fun filled morning with her and even got to see Eileen!


From Webster it was a short drive to Earthdance in the hills above Northampton. We had a yum dinner there and the next day Gamma and me who had to go to work drove home to South Hadley where Gaelen got to spend the afternoon with both his Grandmas' while his Mom and Dad were at work!

After my shift at the coffee house I drove back up to Earthdance for the night. Coleen had spent the day doing whatever it is they do at Earthdance. The night before we rolled around on the ground like snakes to some new age music bumping and rolling against the other dancers. Gamma said she liked it because it was a dance she could do and it reminded her of her time at Kalani! The next morning we had breakfast and then drove home sweet home. the fish ladder was open so after unpacking Colleen, Yaya, Gaelen and I all walked over to see the fish hoisted up above the dam and all the neat stuff inside the electrical generating plant!