Monday, November 20, 2006

Another Faire

It was an unseasonably eeire warm week here in Western Massachusetts. The temperature was in the 60's and 70's for several days in a row and really got me thinking about how the atmosphere is a really big "ocean" of air with its own currents that move pockets of air all over the globe and that this week a big pocket of warm air from the South had settled over us. We spent this past weekend with Gaelen and on Saturday we took him, along with Molly, John & Eden to the Fall Faire at the Steiner School in Hadley. We happened upon it last year and really enjoyed it not only becuase of the beautiful setting but because of all the outdoor activities and the big bonfire with music they have there.

As it was a Steiner School Faire most things cost a ticket but this Fairy Grove was free and both me and Galen received Jingle Rings for tossing a fairy ball into her basket. There was a PocketLady here whom Gaelen visited at least 5 times. He just can't get enough of those pockets!!! After the Faire we took him home to spend the night and the next day with us. It was a STAR WARS weekend, we watched The Empire Strikes Back and spent many hours pouring over the STAR WARS Visual Guide I picked up for him at the library. In between STAR WARS stuff we visited the river to do some sawing and the park to do some swinging!

Join us at the Faire

We also hit the big Holyoke Flea Market where Ambiana fell in love with Fluffy who was given to her for FREE by a super nice vendor. Gaelen found a small Milineum Falcon for $1 so everyone came away happy!

4 minutes and 42 seconds of Pure Ambiana Snow!