Monday, April 10, 2006

Ambiana- 13 weeks

Colleen's 2nd week back to work, Ambiana and I are fine with it. Colleen is not gone long enough for the bottle to be an issue. Ambina and I take walks to the library or to the park across the street to watch the basketball games and baseball games. 2day she rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time. She is also full out laughing and quite a little "scooter" on her back plus is reachin out for objects. Cloth diaperin is a breeze and we are amazed at how simple it is. The diaper covers close up well with velcro and keep the pee and poo in. Havin a washer and dryer just off the kitchen helps alot too. Today Ambiana and I met the neighbor boys, twins, Connor and Cody who are 8 weeks old!

Watch Ambiana roll over among other things!

Gaelen visited us this week at our place for the 2 hour visit as he had a sibling class in Springfield. Upon arrival he immediatley brought out the Sesame Street version of Chutes and Ladders and had it open on the table and ready to play before John had a chance to say "bye" I made him a pancake lunch which he devoured as we played.

Then it was nap time, we were gonna take it on the big bed but Colleen and Ambiana arrived home and needed it for their nap so we went to the lava lamp room for ours. Gaelen is open to naptime but did not want to sleep and said he couldn't. The image of him watching me from behind the door curtain last week as he told Molly who told me tugged at my heart and rather than "making him" sleep we agreed that lieing still for an hour while we read was a good compromise.

"Dinotopia" was the book we chose and it was a beautiful time as we read, looked at the pictures, talked about what we saw, and made up stories and games to play with the images on the page. He is so sweet, he cuddles up to me and touches my face, the lava rock around my neck, my whiskers. We spent an hour of quiet time thus reading and talking. He told me that at naptime at school he is ALWAYS the 1st one up and watches the teacher for her arms a'stretchin above her head which is the signal for the shades to go up which means "get up"

We got up said hi to Colleen and Ambiana, (he did not want to hold her) and then we went down to the river, explored the small batcave on the bank and looked for our favorite spot to sit. He couldn't find it because the river was up a few feet and it was underwater. He then amused himself for quite a while throwing sticks and rocks first into the river and then from the top of the bank onto the floodplain.

We took a short walk to a small park tucked back in the neighborhood, he had more fun on the walk there walking on top of the stone walls (with me holding his hand) then he did at the playground, He climbed up the apparatus, went through a tunnel and down a slide and played on a swing before saying there was nothing to do there. We found a small dinosaur whistle and headed back walking again on top the stonewalls.

He then wanted to run. I had to raise my voice when he did not stop at the curb and I think this was the first time ever that I have raised my voice with him. He immediately stopped and withdrew emotionally. I knelt down and explained to him I yelled because he had been about to run into the street and the street is dangerous if there are cars coming. I told him I was NOT mad but just wanted him to be safe.

(There were not any cars coming and I have to wonder if he knew this and that was why he did not stop for at every street on the way to the playground and back, until then, he had been the one to take my hand first as we approached a curb and was aware of the cars) Parenting moment for sure, He didn't want to look at me while I spoke to him but I asked him to and he did and said he understood and was quiet for maybe 10 steps before he wanted to saw leaves in 1/2 with the dinosaur we had found.

Back at the house we played more Chutes and Ladders (he's very good about making sure he wins and if he doesnt, he makes sure we play till he does :) Yogurt snack, some wrestling in the living room, a bit of time assembling the magnets and then John was there to take him home, but not before Gaelen took John across the street to show him the river!

Click Play to see Gaelen get a "6" and throw sticks in the river!!!