Sunday, January 01, 2006

38.5 weeks

We got a few inches of snow yesterday and built a SnowMomma in the backyard so Colleen would have company :)

Colleen and I went out on friday night to Northampton to rock out to one of my all-time favorite musicians Mark Mulcahy. I first saw him with Miracle Legion at the Channel in Boston in 1986 and his CD's have kept me company over the course of the years and my travels. We got to the club early, in fact were the 1st ones there at 8:45pm and we got to hear the soundcheck as we started a Scrabble game (Colleen won 300something to 180something) There were 2 other bands and the place began to fill up around 10pm. Colleen and I had the dance floor to ourselves as it seems here the folk just like to sit or stand and take in the performance. The crowd was a hard nut to crack, eventually two girls got up and went off on the dancefloor but not until after we rocked the house and slow danced loveylove like to the ballads for a good hour by ourselves. Mark dedicated "Gigantic Transatlantic Trunk Call" from "Me and Mr Ray" to us. It was awesome. Such a great gig. He had a full band with him and the lead guitar guy also went off on the sax, clarinet and flute. Made me so happy to be able to dance to some authentic music from the soul other than contra...

Here are the older Four Travii plus Maya.

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