Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Visit to Boston

Maya's 2nd Birthday party

On Sunday Colleen, Ambiana, Gaelen and me drove east to Boston to celebrate Maya's 2nd Birthday. Katie and Bob had a low-key party with just us and Gamma there. Gaelen drew Maya an Outer Space scene on one of the cardboard pastry circles I brought home from work. Maya was all about the cake and wouldn't let us sing "happy Birthday" to her nor would she close her eyes when Katie and Bob brought out her present...

...which was this cute little trike. All the kids had to have a turn on it!

Katie made a beautiful Elmo cake for maya and we all wore party hats!

Gamma and Gaelen in their birthday hats!

My sweetie pies in their hats!

A Trip to the Public Gardens!

After the party all of us (except Bob) took the T downtown to Gamma's where we met up with her and wheeled her along the streets to the Public Garden. Gaelen wanted to push Gamma and did a great job, he pushed almost as fast as me and it's a good thing Gamma has one leg to act as a brake.

We had a fun time at the Public Gardens. We found the Ducklings and took lots of pictures. There was also a man feeding pigeons who would land on his hands and we tried to get them to land on ours and also fed some squirrels. The Swan Boat Pond was drained of water and Gaelen and I took advantage of this to walk out through the muck to the island where the ducklings in "Make Way for the Ducklings" live. Gaelen made another trip as well and got stuck in the muck and had to be rescued by Katie.

The Aquarium!

On Monday we woke up early and took the T to the New England Aquarium. I have been wanting to share this place with Gaelen for the longest time. I have very special memories of it from when I was a child. I loved watching the turtles and fishes and sharks in the big round tank. On my first snorkeling trip in Hawai'i I saw a sea turtle and immediately felt like I was in the Big Tank of the New England Aquarium. I knew then that the ocean was my "home" and that the feeling I had at the Aquarium when I was a child was a sort of homesickness because it gave me a glimpse into the sea that is so special and is the reason I have spent all those years in Hawai'i and want to make it my home for part of each year.

Ambiana was a bit frustrated that she couldn't splash in the water or touch the fish or get in the tank with the penguins, she really wanted to hug and squeeze one of them. Her favorite exhibit was the hands-on tide pool where you could splash in the water and hug and squeeze starfish and crabs and sea urchins (ouch!)

Gaelen's favorite part was the gift shop (just kidding!) He liked the big tank with the sharks and the turtles and all the other fish he had never seen before.

Join us in Boston!

On the home front it is a busy bus Spring! Ambiana and Colleen have been battling a persistent hacking cough, Colleen seems to have the worst of it and they are headed to the doctor this week to try and resolve it. Molly is working 2 days a week at two different children consignment shops. My shifts at the coffee shop keep getting cut, I am down to one shift on Saturdays and have been looking again for another job. It is very frustrating to say the least. I had an interview for a position as a computer instructor and should know if i got it in the next week or so. Our lease here is up the end of July, we are hoping to extend it to the end of August and then we are heading to New Zealand, Fiji and Hawai'i for four months. In New Zealand we are going to be Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOFERS) and in Hawai'i we are going to help Ben and Laurel build the Love Shack for Gamma. The Boston Marathon is in 3 weeks, Opening Day at Fenway for which we have tickets is in 2 weeks and the Opening Day of the Season and the Red Sox Porch is in 1 week. Gaelen and I did some work out there today, we put the love seat back out there, swept up and laid down carpet and moved the new love seat into the house.