Monday, June 12, 2006

Ambiana- 22 weeks

She is a little motor boat, her favorite noise, she does it constantly. She is almost sitting up, she can hold her weight and move side to side for a bit before toppling and her tummy time is strong and her legs are making crawling movements. Once she learns to support her weight on her arms and hands she'll be off and moving. She does a pretty good scoot on her back and can turn in a circle. She is making a "GH" and "DH" sound in addition to her motorboat and even has as sweet high "Hiiiiiii" that we swear she greets us with:)

Click play to see Mommy sing a song, our sweetie try her 1st carrot, bounce in her bouncy-bounce and play on her tummy!

Gaelen was headed to Cape Cod Sunday Evening and Molly gave us 2 more hours with him so she could run errands. We had passes for the Hancock Shaker Village for after our visit with him but with the extra time we took him along with us! The Shakers were a dancing religious community that lived communally in villages across the NorthEast in the late 17 & 1800's. We toured their gardens and buildings and caught a glimpse of what it was like to live a long time ago. The Shakers were industrious as well as religous & they made quality wood furniture. They apparently died out because it was SIN for men and women to intermingle and that must have gotten in the way of procreation. Maybe it was their own personal souls they were concerned with and not just perpetuating the species.

It was fun to wander round the place with Gaelen, there were lots of interpreters to answer questions and expound on the Shaker lifestyle but Gaelen wasn't interested in that, rather we walked the buildings and imagined what it would be like if we lived here, oh there's the bed we would sleep in and the clothes we would wear and the tools we would use and the place we would eat and there is the barn we would place the hay in and the cow we would milk. There were baby calves and little piggys and one big pregnant sow. In the Discovery area we could dress up in Shaker clothes and Milk a Fake Cow which Gaelen did quite well although he would NOT dress up like a Shaker.

Gaelen's favorite part was the water turbine that powered the woodworking tools. We went to 2 demonstrations of this. The first we had to ourselves and the second in the company of 20-30 others. Gaelen listened politely to the interpreter's spiel and stayed at the front watching the turbine spin from the moment the watervalve opened to the moment it closed.

Click Play to join us at the Hancock Shaker Village!

Building the canoe

I completed the planking on Saturday and pulled all the staples out on Sunday. Now it is time to fair the hull! On Tuesday Ambiana and I will take the bus to Home Depot to buy the needed supplies: a paint chisel, sandpaper- 80 grit, and maybe a spokeshave and some wood putty filler. I need to make the hull as smooth as possible for the fiberglassing. Once the hull is faired I will have to remove the stongback, with hull attached, from its legs and relocate her to the garage for the fiberglassing stage of construction.