Thursday, December 01, 2005


On the way up to Massena, Colleen and I stopped at Lake Ozonia to see the old camp. It was beautifully blanketed under a few inches of snow and being there brought back many happy memories. It is a shame that our family let this magical place go. It seems like another lifetime that we spent summer days on the lake and in the stone cabin.

The water was high, there is a hot tub out back, the deer, bear and frog are all still there as well as the chipmunk castle. The new porch on the front is an eyesore compared to the stone walls.

I took Colleen to Big Rock which now is on the edge of a clear cut powerline pathway.

The front dock between the glacially split boulder is still my favorite spot and we arrived at sunset with glassy smooth water. A magical place now consigned to memory :(

Click the Play button to view video of our visit to Lake Ozonia!

This is Riley, Bill and Karen's oldest daughter. She is my cousin once removed! She is also our new best friend and we spent alot of time with her playing, laughing and having fun.

Colleen and baby on the edge of the frozen river below Aunt John and Julies House. all photos by moch

Click Play to view footage from the Travii BiAnnual Thanksgiving Gathering in Massena NY !

1st Bi Annual Travii Clan Cranium Tournament!

Click the Play Button to view footage of the 1st BiAnnual Travii Clan Cranium Tournament :)