Monday, October 30, 2006

Leaves and Golden Trees

Ambiana did not quite know what to make of her being placed by daddy in a pile of leaves at the Mom's group potluck we hosted last Tuesday.

She does though like her Irish Booties that Uncle Chuck mailed to her from Ireland shortly after she was born and has just now gron into. She also likes the Octogon necklace daddy loves to place around her tiny head :)

Ambiana is a social bug. And oh does she love bugs. Every time she sees a picture of one she smiles and is so happy to say "bug". This week at whole foods she smiled so cutely and waved at the clerk. And this woman just loved Ambiana. So Ambiana put out her best smile and did her best trick. First it was her I will smile and laugh at you trick, and the clerk easily mimicked Ambiana, she was just so funny. Next Ambiana did her I will wave both arms at the same time trick and laugh. The clerk too, did this back easily. By this time Ambiana is laughing with joy, oooh, the attention. So am I. Then Ambiana proceeds to initiate a game of peek a boo around the credit card swiper. The attendant was shocked and pleased at the cuteness of this trick. So Ambiana got a big happy response. She laughed herself and kept this game going. By this time our line is definitely at a stand still, so is the line next to us. And everyone in the lines is smiling and laughing too. Oh, the joy of Ambiana. We love her so.

We spent our Sunday morning at Gaelen's house, our very first time there! I finally got to see Gaelen's room as well as the rest of the house. We carved pumpkins and played and then Molly invited us to stay for lunch and we had yummy quiche and some hot-buttered zucchini. It was a really nice time and we are very grateful to Molly and John for inviting us over for our visit since Gaelen was a bit sick and it was best he not leave the house. Gaelen is still anit-picture as you can see, I just can't help myself after all i am a photojournalist :)

Click Play for video highlights of our week!

A beauty Golden tree down by the River

Canoe Update

I have begun work again on the canoe. I finished the frames for the seats awhile ago and this weekend I plotted out the holes to be drilled in each through which to weave the cane. Now I need to rasp the hard edges, sand and varnish them and then I can begin to weave the cane. I also purchased a drill and all the screws, bolts and nuts needed to install the seats, the gunwales, the decks and the thwart.

On Saturday i drove through the pouring rain to a lumberyard in Westlake where I purchased a 1"x6"x16' Oak board from which to make the gunwales. The owner was of Polish extract and spoke the language to his mates as they dug through their stock to find a board long enough. Once that was accomplished I watched them ply their trade as they ran the board through a massive planer and then cut it upon their cast-iron table saw into 6- 3/4"x3/4"x16' lengths. There was a big knot in the board so 3 of the lengths are solid, one is iffy and two will definately break where the knot is but since I only need 4 I am good to go.


Colleen and I while watching our Sunday Night ER- Season 5 episodes on DVD usually fantasize that we are Doug Ross & Carol Hathaway but this week decided we are more Peter Benton & Elizabeth Corday. What do y'all think???