Monday, April 24, 2006

Ambiana- 15 weeks

15 weeks young! We went to Boston this weekend to see Debbi who was in town with Aaron to find an apartment as they are moving here in June! We also visited with Katie, Maya, Bob and my Mom who is out of rehab and home. We watched the Red Sox lose on Friday night :( Momma is in a funk but says she is coming out of it. She is still resistant to coming to live with us prefering her Independence/aloneness to her perception of being a burden which of course she would not be.

Up early with Ambiana on Saturday morning. Colleen took her for an early morning walk at 6AM along the Esplanade and came back with the Bostone Globe and a coffee for my Mom. I then took her on another Esplanade walk and thru the Public Gardens. I used to love this city, now I see it as an insane place full of litter and a horrible divide between the haves and have-nots. Walking down Newbury Street you see all the chic shops and people walking by plugged into their I-Pods and talking on their cellphones while other people sleep beneath blankets in doorways and on heating vents. What is city life all about? People amassing $$$ and material things and attempting to gain or hold onto their little illusions of Power while they like the rest of the masses enrich the 2% who control it all. Cities and suburbs are like giant fishfarms breeding consumers to make the 2% rich and cannon fodder to go off to protect the 2%'s $$$ under the guise of Freedom and Democracy.

As I walked the banks of the Charles I imagined what this city would be like after the Apocolypse, after the oil runs out and the food can no longer be shipped from Iowa. Largely abandoned and litter strewn with heavily fortified subsistence farms in the green belts. Later Colleen and I both took a walk with Ambiana. We ended up in the Fens where there is a large community garden. Originally a Victory garden started in 1942 so people could have veggies during the war years now 90% of the plots are little sculpted gardens sprouting pretty flowers with tiny ponds, stone walls and paths; each plot fenced in and padlocked while the stinky filthy muddy river winds its way to the Charles just a few feet away. A perfect picture of our culture which values a private bit of beauty behind a padlock amidst a neglected, ravaged litter strewn environment.

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It poured rain on Sunday and Gaelen and I spent the time in the pool improvising a streaming hose with a noodle and the water jet in the baby pool. Molly had an appointment come up and asked me to stay with Gaelen so I got an additional 2 hours with him. We spent it in the activity room playing pool and foozeball, reading books aloud, making up rhymes and playing several games of Clue Jr.

Click play 2 join Gaelen and Mochi @ the pool!

Building the canoe!

With my Dad visiting last week I put him to work! We went to Home Depot and rented a table saw for 4 hours and ripped ~160 3/4" x 1/4" x 8' strips from 4 sheets of plywood. The molds are all cut out and ready to be assembled on the strongback, then I can get to work gluing and stapling the strips to the mold!