Monday, January 09, 2006


She is the sweetest thing, not fussy, aware, looking around, even a brief smile, content to nuzzle Colleen's breasts, so soft with the lovely new baby smell of the vernix and merconium (she poo'd a big gooop already) Colleen is doing fine, every cell transfigured and glowing, only a slight tear, she feels like she was rockin out at a rock concert last night (wait till you see the video ;) We each had a placental stawberry smoothie to replensish the minerals b4 snoozin. Need I mention the placental omlette we had upon awakening? Yum! Birth is such a miracle and to have had it in our home was the best idea ever. We'll be in touch soon. Thanks for all your love. Mochi and Colleen

Click Play to see our little girl :)