Monday, August 21, 2006

A Trip to Fenway

This past Friday was Patti's birthday! The summer before my senior year at BU she turned 16 while visiting me in Boston. For her birthday I took her to Fenway. 20 years later it is her turn to take me to Fenway and to a Yankees game at that! Colleen, Ambiana and I arrived the night before and spent the night at Katie's house in Jamaica Plain. We went running in the park (long story) and then met up with Patti and my mom at her apartment in Copley Square. We spent the afternoon watching the 1st of 5 crushing defeats of the BoSox by the Pinstripes. (Weak, very weak pitching and zero clutch hitting). We made a sign to hold up at the game; not just a sign but a 3-in-1 Sign.
  1. "Hooray for Hinske!"
    (Newly acquired from Toronto he hit 3 doubles
    in the 1st game and made a great catch)

  2. "RemDawg, my Mum loves listening to you

  3. "These RED SOX Fans
    will always LOVE DAMON"

Three hours before game time we rolled out into the streets and swam up Boylston against the tide of fans coming from Game 1 of the doubleheader. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. We dropped off Colleen & Ambiana who took the T to the Museum of Science and made our way tot he Fens. On the way we picked up a family of Yankee fans looking for the park who were from San Francisco and has bought their tickets on Ebay. They were really nice, it was one of their son's birthdays also and they told us they were taking him to a new ballpark every year on his birthday.

I rolled us into the back alley leading to the back entrance of Who's on First. When I was in college you could enter the normal way on Yawkee Way but the Red Sox take over the street on Game days and make it part of the park. Inside Guns-n-roses was taking us down to the paradise city and everyone was just standing around talking loud and drinking beers so while Patti got the 1st round I took Momma for a spin on the dancefloor, a young man joined us and we rocked out where the grass is green and the grrls are pretty and brought the e=mc2 up just a bit. It was too loud and dark inside so we went back out to the roped off patio in the alley for the 2nd round and it was out here that we got a preview of our signs reception in Fenway. People did not care for Hinske and they hated the DAMON sign. I knew it would be like this. No respect for the fact that he was a major part of acquiring and has the Ring we all so deperately coveted for 86 years. Damon, Cabrerra, Ortiz, Manny, Nixon, Varitek, Millar, Meuller, Bellhorn, Pedro, Schilling, Lowe, Arroyo, Wakefield, Timlin and Folke should be like Gods to the Red Sox fan and maybe they are but there were precious few Red Sox fans in Fenway on Friday night. Being such a hot ticket item those with the $$$ (like our Yankee friends and their Ebay Tickets) got the tickets.

Our seats were right on the right field line. Mom and Patti in the aisle me in a seat below them. Next to me was Justin who bought his ticket for $60 from a scalper when prices plummeted after the Star Spangled Banner was sung. Beside him was Sarah who works at the Appleby's in Hadley near Whole Foods where we shop. They were great seatmates and fans and were thouroughly entertained by our 3-in-1 sign spectacle. Our stategy was to hold up the appropriate sign whenever Hinske, Damon or Big Papi came to the plate or made a good play. Johnny Damon led off the game, Patti held up the sign, showed it to the crowd which immediately unleashed a storm of profanity and curses concerning both Damon and what they thought of our sign. I was expecting this but was surprised by the vitriol of the response. Our Hinske sign and Big Papi sign drew no response from the crowd but each time our Damon sign went up we were greeted with catcalls and boos among other things. Even when Momma in her whellchair held up the sign.

It culminated on Damon's fourth at bat when I was accosted from behind as I held up the sign. A deranged fan was grabbing me and attempting to wrest the sign from my hands. As I toppled backwards over my chair in disbelief of this vehemence directed at me for my love of JD my seatmate Justin secured the sign out of reach. Meanwhile Patti was frozen like the proverbial deer. I expected Security to be on us in a second but it was Momma who came to my resuce, grabbing at the assailant's shirt and twice pulling him off of me succeeding the 2nd time because he was sufficiently drunk to be caught off balance by her defence.After the game we noticed him still in his seat with his girlfriend and I had Patti take our picture. I really must of struck a nerve with him, maybe he loves Damon more than we do and has not accepted that he is no longer a Red Sox. What was really suprising about the whole Damon sign experience was that we are obviously Red Sox fans yet our Love of JD ostracizes us from them.

It is this lack of understanding of the Fan Dynamic that is responsible for the Yankee Massacre taking place this weekend. With tickets gobbled up by the rich and the posers, with less than 1000 true Red Sox fans in the house, there is no E=MC2 for the players to feed on. It was so deathly quiet in the park when the Red Sox batted. Occassionaly the 1000 would rally the other 35,000 to get off their asses and into the game, which they did most consistently on 3-2 pitches with 2 outs and the Yankess at bat. It is easy to cheer Big Papi when he hits a home run but practically non-existant to cheer Youkalis when he leads off an inning to get on base to rally some runs because we are behind by 3 runs. 20 years ago the crowd was on their feet supporting their team the whole game it seemed but this weekend the team supporters can't get tickets because the Yankee/Red Sox series is so f*%king trendy.

We had fun anyway. After '86 the red Sox don't stress me out when they lose. It's all enjoyable. It was a fun game with over 30 hits between the two teams, 25 runs and the record for the longest 9 inning game in Major Leauge Baseball Histroy- 4 hrs and 52 min. Big Papi did hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th with nobody on and Manny went 4-6. Sarah and Justin (in pic with Mum and Patti) were good company with Justin making up cheers which we would then loudly sing. CORA-coracoracora- COOOOOOOOORRRAAAAAAA CORA! We did our best to "WAKE UP FENWAY CLAP-CLAP clapclapclap" and enjoyed the game even though they lost BIG. Home we rolled at 1am through the busy Boston Back Bay stopping only to pick up some slices which we ate as we rolled beside the reflecting pool through the Christian Science Center.

Join us @ Fenway park!

On Sunday morning Colleen, Ambi and I all went running again on the Esplanade. Something is up with Mecury, communication seems 2b a paradox with us. On our run in Franklin Park on Friday morning Colleen became seaparted from me and Ambiana. I thought she knew the route as I had made mention of it plus we ran it in January of 2005 though none of this was communicated to Colleen. I did look back once and not seeing her was still assured she knew the route and was enjoying ColleenLand. Of course to Colleen there was no "route". I took off and left her behind and she got lost. Waitng for her once I had completed the loop around the golf course I had time to return to the house and shower before heading off in search of her with drama-noidal thoughts in my head. I did not find her at the park but when I returned to the house was so happy to see her sweet little mad face waiting for me on the porch. Communicated then we did.

Saturday morning before the run I drew her a map and all went well. Ambi and I cruised while Colleen was in CollenLand singing Oldies with the riverside dwellers. After yummy breakfast cooked by momma and served with stories of last night and quick good-byes we took the Orange Line back to JP and threaded the streets and interstates and tunnels and bridges to Somerville dropping off with Aaron (who is marrying Debbie in 2 weeks in Chicago) a bike and a computer monitor. Then reversing the stich we headed west into the hills, across the river vallies of Central MA and to our home by the Connecticut.

Ambiana we swear is saying a few words. She waves her little hand and says "Hiiii", we heard "boob" and when she is upset she says "ma ma ma ma ma", she even said this once when we returned from a walk and entered the house like she was happy to see her Ma again. She understands "Bounce" and will bounce her little body, when we ask her if she wants up she will raise her little arms to be picked up. It is amazing watching her grow so. She's also been a bit of a fussy butt because she has popped a tooth thru her gum :)

Colleen's garden is growing like crazy. I am in disbelief of how fast a cucumber can grow; from pinkie size to big old juicy cuke in just 1 week! These are her tomatoes and a watermelon along with some of Donna's (upstairs neighbor) pretty flowers!

We spent a wonderful afternoon with Gaelen at the pond doing the usual. First we gave him his new rainboots and a Red Sox blanket from the game on Friday then we blasted off in the jungle gym spaceship and landed on a watery world where Gaelen proceeded to splash and swim about. He was much more brazen this week about prancing around in water up to his neck and he practiced putting his face in and gliding in the water repeatedly. Then we built a foam factory and destroyed it and wrestled and then it was time to go join Molly and Eden at the Housatonic Playground

There was a fundraiser going on to raise $$$ to fix up the park and clean up graffiti. It was super fun to see lots of folk at the playground. there was a band doing sing-a-longs, a puppet show and lots of kids running around. We joined the chaos on the jungle gym then took in the puppet show then headed over to the clay shop and helped Molly out as she painted a plate to be glazed with both Gaelen and Eden's handprint on it as a gift for her mother. We then walked down to the corner store for ice cream cones and Gaelen showed us how proficient he is at climbing upon and over the railing. It was a really nice afternoon and super nice to hang with Molly and Eden who is filling out and is a super cutie. Gaelen was really sweet with both his sisters and at one point said "Hey let's see if Ambiana and Eden like each other?" So I brought Ambiana up to Eden in her stroller and they both proceeded to beam and smile and giggle at each other. It was sweet.

Join us in Housatonic :)

Canoe Update

I took the canoe off the strongback. It was relatively easy. I knocked out the molds with a hammer while the canoe remained supported by the stem molds at the bow and stern. Then a little wigglin' loosened her up from them and Colleen came down to help me lift her up and over and onto several cardboard boxes placed on the floor. It was wonderful to see her from this new perspective; right-side-up, a vessel for carrying us across the waterways of this world. The inside is quite a contrast to the smooth shiny hull; unstained rough edges with lots of glue drips. It will take me most of this week to fair up the interior getting it ready for fiberglassing. But first...will she make it out of the basement???

Click Play to Find Out :)