Monday, September 25, 2006

Super Sharkey comes to Visit!

Keep checkin' both End of Summer posts as I have 3 hours of video to download and edit into short little videos of our fun times at Debbie's wedding and our time in AK!

We planned our trip to end when it did so we could be back home for a weekend vist from Colleen's friend Colleen Sharkey. They met in India in 2001 and have been great friends ever since. Colleen and her husband Michael are living in Japan where Colleen is teaching English to Japanese teenagers. You can find a link to their Blog in the links sidebar; check it out if is fun stuff!!

We really enjoyed having Colleen visit us. We took her up to the Glacial Potholes at Shelburne Falls for a picnic supper (Homegrown Eggplant Lasagna and Apple/Grape/Banana Pie YUM!) We then alked across the Bridge of Flowers and went into Greenfield for a fun contradance. Our contrapals were amazed at how much Ambiana has grown and how curly her hair is! Colleen enjoyed the contradancing and we were happy to share it with her.

On Sunday I went and picked up Gaelen in Housatonic. It has been a month since we last saw him and we missed him alot. Apparently he missed us too according to Molly. He seemd to have grown a bit since August. I gave him a baby polar bear and a Red Sox cap both of which he loved. He is in Kindergarden now at the Steiner School in Great Barrington. His symbol is an Acorn! It designates his cubby and his nap mat among other things. We spent a fun day wrestling in the living room and had big adventures down on the river which is at an all-time low for us. Gaelen found a small stream and waterfall and we made dams and pools for the polar bear to swim in and slide upon. Gaelen, Super Sharkey and me also explored the banks upriver and found fresh beaver teethmarks on several cottonwoods and made a teetertotter out of driftwood. We went as far as the dam and climbed into the remnants of the first canal built in America! Colleen had lunch waiting for us when we returned and we finished off the afternoon with storybook/nap time and watching homevideos on the computer. Gaelen asked me if we move that we take the river with us as he likes it so much.

Click Play to join us!

When I dropped Gaelen off Molly gave me this beautiful picture she took of Gaelen and his sister Eden. We are really getting along well. She even asked Colleen this weekend if she could make a quilt square for Ambiana's quilt and we are planning a joint family Winter Soulstice celebration for December. Time is definately the best healer!

Garden Update!

We feared we would miss the majority of our garden harvest while in Alaska and were overjoyed when we returned to find our garden full of produce; tomatoes bursting off the vines, watermelons and eggplant, a monster cucumber and lots and lots of green beans and lots and lots of peppers of all varieties! Colleen has been busy making salsa and salves!