Thursday, October 20, 2005

My afternoon walk by the river...

I found a beautiful strecth of wooded riverside near our house. Just down the street and beyond the water treatment plant. You duck in on a path next to the fence and it opens up on a beautiful path.

The trees are all golden, today was in the low 60's, beautiful long fall we have here in the northeast unlike the 3 week autumns I had become accustomed to in AK...

The land here is low hills falling away into the Connecticut which is still running very high for Fall, it drains all of VT, NH and Western MA, truly a great river, an east coast Missouri or Yukon. Lots of cottnwood and birch with maple and oak mixed in.

I folllowed the path till it passed under these Power Wires coming from this hydro-electric plant in Holyoke MA across the Connecticut. that is Mt Tom in the background. The hills climb out of the river valley and roll away to the North, East and West.

The water is still high; 15' to 20' feet above normal swamping the riverside cottonwoods and leaving beautiful drifts of river wood in the eddies.

Collen&babyinRedSunset ~ mochinthewood

all photos by moch