Monday, June 19, 2006

Ambiana- 23 weeks

Ambiana for this week's portrait is on a blankie made for Colleen when she was a child by her (adopted) mother. She used it for everything I hear her telling Ambiana as I write this. Summer has arrived, it was in the 90's yesterday with mucho humidity. Humidity is non-existant in AK and it is still a treat rather than the curse it seems to be for everyone here who complain of sleepless nights and hide indoors in their air-conditioned boxes. I liken it to being embraced by a warm blanket and all I have to do is conjur up one of those -40 F nights in the back of the truck when we drove up through Canada to Alaska in 2005 and any discomfort I might be beginning to feel soon dissapates. My momma came for the weekend, plunked herself down on her corner of the couch, made it out to the red Sox porch to listen to the Sox sweep Atlanta and engage in a Red Sox World Championship Edition of Monopoly with Colleen and me (Colleen won of course) On Thursday we went to a Taste of Amherst Festival in Amherst; lots of food booths and some music. We got to see and hear Steve Forbert who closed his set with his 1978 #11 hit Romeo's Dream.

Join us at the taste of Amherst. If you were listening to FM Radio in 1978 you probably remember this tune!


This was in the weekly "Town Recorder" last Friday! Mom's group at the Library!

Gaelen spent the day with us Sunday. A perfect day to break out the freecycle acquired sprinkler and run through it repeatedly. We built a Secret Mountain Fort in the living room which turned into a mountain to climb (and tumble from) and we had hot dogs and home-made ice-cream for lunch (YUM) After nap he noticed the Red Sox World Championship Edition of Monoploy game-in-progress on the Red Sox Porch and Grandma helped him through a round or two and he eventually won when he knocked the board over cause of course that's how you win!!!! We spent the rest of our time together in the backyard running through the sprinkler!!! He brought me some shells and stones from Cape Cod and we gave him a heart shaped red ball because he liked it so much! When I dropped him off at the playground in Housatonic he made for me in the sandbox a replica of the Shaker Village we visited last week complete with water spinning turbine! Molly also gave me a picture of him with his Steiner Pre-School Class. Next year he is in Kindergarten! Can u believe it???

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Building the Canoe

I've been fairing the hull with 2 putty knives, a Shurform and a 4-in-1 file all the while listeing to Nathaniel Philbrick's 2006 historical tome "Mayflower" about the Plymoth settlement and the interactions betweens English and Native. The rivers were the highways and this one out our door was a major highway back in those days. Ambiana and I walked a hilltop trail today that not only bears the mark of dirtbikes and ATVs but also the forgotten footsteps of the people who onced lived in profusion upon this land and also dependant upon it. The HUMAN/NATURE disconnect is a big part of why our culture is so at odds with the rest of the planet. We seek to dominate and conquer Nature rather than live in co-operation with Her; this extends to our relations with whomever we consider the "other" be it a spouse or a foreigner.

I am ordering the fiberglass cloth and resin in preparation for the MOVE out of the cellar and INTO the garage for the fiberglassin; am still trying to plan the logistics of that move.