Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Packing Begins...

Our flight to Fiji leaves from LA on October 9th, our lease here is up either the end of August or September depending on if we can talk our landlord into the latter, Molly lost her bid to leave the state and return to Ohio and slowly the dismantling of our South Hadley home has begun. Yesterday I sold my Ranger, it was bittersweet, sweet because we pocketed $550, bitter because of all the sweet times I had in that truck, to and from and to and from Alaska, living in the back of it, my home when I met Colleen, granted it had sat idle for 7 months so the parting was not so hard and now we have an extra parking space!!

Colleen and Ambiana flew this morning out of Boston West to Chicago to attend her cousin Ryan's H.S Graduation party and to take two 50 lb. boxes of her stuff to her Dad's house to store until we make a new home next year somewhere in Alaska. Want some fun? Go to a busy airport at 6am with 2 big heavy falling apart boxes,a baby, two carry on overstuffed packs and a carseat and negotiate the check in line :)
We drove into Boston last night and stayed at Katie's while they were away at the Cape. Gaelen came with us so we could watch the Red Sox play the Diamondbacks on Bob's HDTV. He lasted till the 6th and got to see JD Drew blast 2 three run homers on route t a 10-3 win! Colleen and Yaya are gone 'til Tuesday afternoon, my first separation from my little baby :(