Monday, July 16, 2007

Deep inthe Heart ofSummer

Our little cutiepie is 18 months and growing! She loves to run, its how she dances when she really gets going cutting a circle in the rug. Her favorite things right now are two plastic eco-adventure figures. Man and girl and their beach buggy. She's sassy standing up in her chair even after we tell her not too, she can stack blocks 10 high and knows her colors and the hand sign that goes with them. Sheis role playing with her stuffed animals and loves to gather them all around her in Mommy's lap to be read to. We discovered this week how adorable she is with her hair up in tiny pig tails.

Molly found a place and these two guys on craigslist to help her move all her stuff, they move in on Sunday. It is in Erving Ma, about 40 miles up the Connecticut next to tje French King Bridge out of Turner's Falls.

Our schedule has turned into wall art, hardly ever utilized except by me, Gaelen or Collen sporadically, We are taking bids starting at $50...See if you can figure out what each glyph is for...which one is long trip? which one is Bread? Which one Gaelen Time?