Monday, December 11, 2006

11 moons

11 moons, sproutin' a new upper tooth, crawling up and over everything, working out new vocal sounds: "Kh" "ph". We even heard her say 'cado for avocado this past week. Ambiana finished up her 10 week Music Together class this week . You can see footage of this in the video highlight reel. She loves to wave at her reflection in the window when we all sit down for dinner as she throws her broccoli and grapes on the floor and waves at them too and then asks for "wa" and when her thirst is slaked she looks right at me and laughs and waves her two little arms madly. We've broken out the potty already as she has a hard time poopin' grunting and making faces and bringing tears to her eyes. We feel it must suck to poo in diapers and gots to be easier on the potty. We'll see.

Click Play for Ambiana!!!!!!

Gaelen came for the day on Sunday, it finally got cold and the water in our pool froze, Gaelen had the bright idea of busting it up into chunks and we both came up with the idea to make an ice statue out of the pieces. Gaelen's mood was better this week, no word yet on what Molly's plans are. The meeting between her, John and us keeps being put-off. We spent some time at the river and after lunch Gaelen and I went to the Children's Museum while Ambiana and Colleen napped. Next week is pool time in the Berkshires!!!

Here is a picture of the moon I took in the backyard last week through my telescope.


I love Star Trek and the Love Boat so how can I NOT love this. Isn't YouTube great for finding gems like this????