Monday, June 26, 2006

Ambiana- 24 weeks

Ambiana is rolling over regularly on her tummy; her little hands are busy grabbing everything she can; dishes off the table as well as newspapers and magazines, she loves her little rattle-ring and earth ball that Gaelen gave her and she is making beginning rudimentary crawling motions. The motorboat noise is back and she loves togiggle and laugh especially when watching her Dad and Gaelen wrestle and run. She loves to watch us eat and solid food will be introduced to her when we get back from Chicago in 2.5 weeks. We are heading out next Wednesday for Chicago; Colleen has a bridal shower and bachlorette party to attend for her friend Debbie. We are also going to go and meet Colleen's birthmom and family. Colleen has spoken to her on the phone and exchanged emails with her and her sister Melissa. It is so exciting. They all seem very nice and its fun to see people who resemble Colleen though a bit strange to her.

Check out Ambiana and us!

We went to a spring-fed pond with Gaelen on Sunday and played in the water, on the playground apparatus and with long orange noodles which became our light sabers. Gaelen made quite the elaborate fort out of blankets and grass to hide from the wind. It was humid and warm and the water was the perfect temperature. I showed Gaelen how the noodles are his friend and will help him float in the water. He is scared of deep water but with the noodles he ventured farther from shore than he would have without them. I am confident he will master his fear and learn to swim eventually.

Join us at the Pond with Gaelen!

Colleen and I have made it one of our goals to run the Boston Marathon next April pushing Ambiana in her green jogger. We began training last week running to this beautiful sunset-over-the-river spot and today we embarked on solo training runs in the rain. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to run in a warm rain, such a thing is unheard of in AK (at least when I was there though I hear this summer has been HOT so maybe they are getting warm rain up there as well!!) The 1st "date" Colleen and I had back in 2004 was a 10pm warm rain run during a thunderstorm along the banks of the Olentangy River in Columbus. Yesterday we ran in shifts, me 1st then her as I stayed put with Ambiana; we need to construct some kind of clear plastic rainshield for the baby jogger so she can accompany us on rainy runs in case the marathon date is a rainy one.

We Got A Postcard From Ben!!!

Building the Canoe

I am still fairing the hull, filling in the gaps and gouges with wood putty, sanding, sanding, sanding. Poppa comes to visit 2morrow and is bringing the orbital sander. The fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin and hardner arrived via UPS yesterday....