Monday, October 23, 2006

October days...

Saturday was a beautiful autumn day and we spent the morning hiking atop the Holyoke Ridge with beautiful views north and south along the Connecticut River Valley.

Ambiana is crawling all over the house, the library, you name it, we put her down and she is off. She is also calling everything even closely round a "bal" and making a fine old mess eating noodles and bananas and cereal and avocado and carrots. She likes to "drink" out of a cup, Colleen and I disagree about whether she is playing or drinking, I say the former while ClumpyKut holds out for the latter. I think i am right because give Ambiana an empty cup and her actions do not change. Here she is in one of her quieter moments, she naps on me while Colleen is off working and is just the sweetes little thing. She is growing up so fast that I cherish these moments as like all things it will not last.

Colleen writes: Ambiana is so big, wait until you all see her. She is crawling everywhere, pulling to standing. She is saying, ball, bug, daw(dog), gae (gaelen), dada, mama, hi, du (duck). and various other random things. She loves balls and bugs. points at everything circular and says ball. She has started pointing at the big ball we have in the family room saying ball and then she will start to sing and bounce (this means I want to sit on the ball with you and bounce to the bouncy song) she points at the bugs on the ledge and says "hi bug" while waving and then I will say do you want to get one, and she will turn her body to go up to get one. she also will get a book and bring it to me, climb in my lap and want to read it, and she will pick up her rubber bath duck and start singing and dancing, meaning sing the rubber ducky song mom. She initiates peek a boo, today she played it with the kitchen throw rug and she is just so silly. She loves to throw her arms up in the air and laugh and wait for you to do it so she can start in with full on laughter. She is finally eating solid food, loves to feed herself. Today we tried honeydew melon, which she loved. And she is drinking better and better out of the cup each day. I could just go on forever...

Ambiana and pumpkin pickin'!

Here are my little flower children at about the same age:)

Gaelen came over and spent Saturday night and Sunday morning with us. It was a 99.9% camera free-visit. Here we are in the convertible fort we made, Ambiana joined us and Gaelen is hid under the sleeping bag on the right. Ambiana LOVES her brother and wants to be wherever he is. On Saturday night we made a fire down by the river and spent part of Saturday morning down there as well. It was up about 15 feet and exciting for Gaelen to see it thus rushing. Back inside Colleen joined us for Gaelen's favorite game of "Throw stuff @ ME!!!" We also fitted him with his Samhaim Mask. See our webpage for pictures of this and all our crafts!

Come have 2 KINDS of FUN with Gaelen and Us!

Oh the things Daddy-Moch can do with Ambiana's toys :)