Monday, May 07, 2007


We were wrong, we've been calling her Ambiana but she told us this week her name is Yaya. I am Dada, Colleen is Mama, Gaelen is Gaga, Molly is Mah, and Eden is Eee.

On Friday we walked across the bridge to Holyoke for a lame Celebrate the Children festival. There were free merry-go-round rides, free food and a tall clown plus free admission to the Children's museum.

While lame it was a beautiful evening for a walk. All the trees have sprung into leaf and flower and the sky was cloudless and the sun super bright!

On Sunday we took the canoe out for a scenic paddle in the Lower Mill Pond in Easthampton and explored Muck Island :) We are going on a roadtrip on Wednesday! South to North Carolina with my Momma for the wonderful L.E.A.F Festival. Then we are heading to Ohio to visit Stormy and Family, My long lost friend Sheri and her family in Columbus and finally the Scahills in NY before ending up at Earthdance for a family dance weekend on the 18th of May!

Yaya talks, walks and eats!