Monday, April 03, 2006

Ambiana- Week 12

Ambiana entered her 5th trimester on Monday. Colleen celebated by going to work for the 1st time in 12 weeks leavin' Ambiana with Daddymoch for 2 hours. She is not taking the bottle but enjoys the comfort of suckin on the nipple. We spent the morning like usual making breakfast, having tummy time, rockin' out to Bjork's "Medulla", she fell asleep on my chest in the snugli but awoke when I began using the computer.

Watch Momma go to work and Ambiana and daddymoch@home

Click Play to see more Ambiana, Colleen & Ambiana hiking and Daddymoch kayaking and visiting his special spot.

Molly brought Gaelen to us on Saturday as they had a sibling class at BayState Medical in Springfield. We were s'posed to go out for pancakes but by the time Molly found our house all the breakfast places were done servin'. No worries, we made yummy pancakes here at the house and topped them with real Maple Syrup. Then it was naptime, I read Gaelen "Make Way for the Ducklings", he really likes it, I am hoping this summer to take him to Boston for the day so we can visit the ducklings at the Public Garden and ride the swanboats. He napped for about 45 minutes and then we played "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" one of the boardgames in Colleen's cupboard of games. He had picked it out before naptime and I spent that time trying to figure out how to play it with him as it was a big person game but when he awoke he figured out right away the easy way to play it. We just spun the spinner and moved our pieces on the world map to the pictures the spinner pointed at, it was fun as it matched the map on our kitchen wall.

He really likes Ambiana's little play mat with hanging squeaky toys that Colleen's friend Stacey gave us. We put a blanket over it and he called it his secret fort and spent time in there playing with a magnetic construction set. When the rain stopped we we all went to McCrays Farm to feed the sheep, goats, chikens, bunny, pigs and horses and for homemade ice cream. Gaelen really likes chocolate! Then it was back home for Twister and wrestling, We then went outside and down to the river where we threw rocks in and watched the ripples and i told him about the canoe I am going to build.

I can tell he really likes all the time and attention I give him. Back inside we watched the homemade videos on the computer of him and Ambiana. That is a sweet time for us as he sits on my lap and snuggles with me as we watch. After all that he was tired and lay down on the poppason chair, covered himself with a blanket and chatted with colleen while I made cheesy pasta for dinnerIts amazing how fast the day went by.

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Building a Canoe

I have spent the last month researching how-to-build-a-canoe by reading books & surfin' the web and have put together a plan to build a stripwood canoe out of plywood and fiberglass. This is a picture of the strongback in our basement. The strongback will hold the forms that will hold the strips that will make up the canoe.

This is the form for one of the stations. I plotted the forms on graph paper and traced them onto cardboard which I then trace onto the plywood. The plan is for only 1/2 of the form; i trace one half and then flip it over and trace the other half. There are 15 forms/stations; one at the center and 7 in each direction towards the bow and the stern.

This is a picture of 8 of the forms, I still need to cut out the other 7. My worktime is limited by Ambiana's sleep periods as my workshop in the basement is directly beneath our bed. Our neighbor Donna gave me a jigsaw and I have bought a level, a framer's square, a set of files and a rasp. Once I get all the forms cut out I mount them on the strongback and then I have to get the plywood and cut it into 3/4" strips which I will then staple to the form and glue together to create the hull which is then fiberglassed. Add deck, gunwales, thwarts and seats and we got us a 16" ride down the Connecticut for our paddle-to-the-sea!