Monday, January 29, 2007

Florida SnowBall and visiting Dale

We drove Thursday night through NYC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and into the mountains of Virginia where we camped beside a snowy forest service road at 3AM. Ambiana's 1st winter camping trip!!! It was even snowing in the morning when we awoke!!! We pushed on Wednesday into South Carolina where we spent the night with Alisha and Paul and their almost 2 year old son Alex! Thursday was the long day as we cruised south (bringing the cold air with us) into Florida and on down to Tampa Bay where Colleen's brother Dale lives with his girlfriend Kristie!

We pulled into their place around 10:30pm and Ambiana got her first glimpse of Uncle Dale and Aunt Kristie! Last time we were here they lived in a studio apartment and have since upgraded to a 1 bedroom apartment. We camped out as usual on the living room floor. Ambiana had had enough of the car and was happy to be sleeping horizontal. The condo complex is built around a series of ponds and she loves this and keeps asking us to take her outside to see the "wa" and the "quak quak" ducks!

The SnowBall Contradance weekend was 40 minutes away in Gulfport at the historic Gulfport Casino Ballroom right on the beach. There was a potluck supper and dance on friday and we made our award winning cheesy pasta which was gobbled right up. The dancefloor was beautiful and there were about 200 dancers and lots of dancing friends from Columbus in attendance. It was so nice to see them. The dancing went to 11:30pm on Friday and we made a nice little sleepy place for Ambiana to crash out on. Colleen danced the early set and me the late one.

Dancing went all day on Saturday and almost all night as well. Great bands, the Hillbillies from Mars and Footloose with Beth Molero and Nils Friedland calling. Ambiana loved the music, especially the waltzes. It was so sweet to dance with her and of course everybody loved her! The weather is on the cool side and today it is in the 50's, it's colder here than it had been all winter in Massachusetts, until this week that is!

The dance ended on Sunday after a morning and early afternoon farewell dance, Amazing how fast a weekend can go. It was sad to say good bye to our dancing buddies but we know we will see them again somewhere! We are going to spend this week visiting with Dale and Kristie and with Colleen's friend Roz in Naples before heading North again at week's end.

On the homefront Molly, Gaelen and Eden have moved into our house. We had offered her the place before we left because she said she was adament she was leaving John even if it meant going to a shelter or back to Ohio. I called home on Saturday to see if she had taken us up on our offer and was actually surprised when she picked up the phone in our house. So life will be very interesting once we get back if she is still there.