Monday, January 08, 2007

70 degrees in January

On Saturday it was 70 degrees here on the banks of the Connecticut. Never have I experienced such a warm winter in these latitudes. Global warming??? Seems the jet Stream has dipped real low keeping all the arctic air in Canada while bringing us the warm air from the tropics. I want to build a snowman.

See Ambiana do her stuff and check out Mochi's canoe!!!

This is me and Keith, he's our next door neighbor and my only friend here. We hang out some evenings in the garage and shoot the breeze while I work on the canoe.

Tomorrow is the big day, Ambiana completes her 1st orbit and begins her 2nd. We visited with Gaelen yesterday, back from Ohio. We are still having camera free visits so here is a picture of him on his 1st birthday. We had a nice visit yesterday at his house. It was another warm winter day. Gaelen took us on walk through the woods behind his house on an old railway bed to a graveyard where he showed us his favorite grave, a shrine in a glass box with lots of pictures and toys for a 3 year old boy who died a few years ago. We walked around and checked out the newer graves including some headstones in which the people have not yet died but are planning ahead complete with name and DOB and a big blank. Kind of eerie but maybe comforting for those who envision eternity has a comfy plot in a field of bones. Gaelen then took us to his favorite spot on a hill under some cedars. Molly, Eden and he are coming to Ambiana's party on Saturday and he is gonna spend the night with us. No more STAR WARS...

Canoe Update

The thwart and decks are in place and with all the warm weather I have varnished the gunwales and the decks. All that needs to be done now is cane the seats, install them and varnish the hull. Do you see the paddles that Colleen surprised me with????