Monday, July 30, 2007


Its been 2 solar orbits since we moved to South Hadley Falls!!! And we have 31 one days to go before we head West on our BIG TRIP!!! Molly, Gaelen and Eden moved to Erving Ma last week and our house feels 1/2 empty, no more Gaelen and Eden crawlin' into our bedroom in the morning :( Gaelen will be spending Thursday Night thru Sunday evening with us till we leave.

We spent last week at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. We arrived on Tuesday night to volunteer and found our shifts didn't begin to Wednesday afternoon so we headed out Wednesday morning for Bash Bish Falls.

It was a beautiful hike through the woods along the creek to the waterfalls with a great swimming hole at its base.

Yaya loved it as did's been waaaaaay 2 long since we've been in the woods, we are soooo looking forward to our trip so we can get back into Nature with a Capital N

Back at the Festival Gamma and Gampa joined us as well as Gaelen whom I picked up on Thursday night after his Birthday Day spent at Six Flags with his Mother.

Gaelen was really excited to see Ambiana after 4 days without her. He brought her a balloon and even had a smile and a kiss for her.

Gaelen turned 6 on Wednesday and we celebrated his birthday on Friday with presents and 2 birthday scones in the volunteer dinner tent. Volunteering is GREAT, it's a festival within a festival and we have seen the same friendly faces the last 3 times here.

The Following Photos All By Gaelen!!!

Gaelen was our Festival photographer and he did a great job. Molly and Eden came on Sunday for the final day of the festival. We spent most of our time in the dance tent and in the kids tent.


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