Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Home Office

This is me in my home office where I conduct the day to day business of Spanda Medical Company. Notice the filing cabinet and the workbench in the foreground. I love the commute, from bedroom to home office takes all of 30 seconds! It will be great working from home once the baby emerges from Colleen's womb. I usually work from 9:00 am till about 2:00 pm when I have had enough of the computer and am eager to get out and walk along the Connecticut to see what the continuing deluge has brought down from up river.

Drawn always to water I have found a chill out spot next to this old mill that has been abandoned since the 1930's. It took awhile to find, many days of exploring and talking to locals; a gate behind an autobody shop leads to a path which takes one to a fence with a hole in it I crawl through.

I took Colleen there on Friday. Look how agile she is at 29.5 Weeks Pregnant!!!

From there we follow the filled-in remnant of an 200 year old canal which supplied the water-power to the mill...

...which leads to a sweet riverside spot with a view of the Dam turned raging falls by all the recent rainfall. The locals tell me the river is commonly high in the spring but for it to be this high in the fall is unusual; the result of the recent strong hurricanes.

It is a reflective spot, reassuring that Nature will reclaim what Man has despoiled...
photo by Moch