Monday, July 31, 2006

A Trip to the Ocean

On friday night we drove East at sunset and stealthily camped at an oceanside state park. We were up and out at dawn and drove into Rhode Island to Goosewing Beach. I had called my Mom for the names of some beaches we went to as kids and Goosewing was the one she suggested. It was her favorite as a kid and she used to take us there as well. I remember it as "Goosebump beach". We arrived at 8am and were one of the first on the sand but in a few hours the parking lot was full and the beach was jam-packed and every inch taken by a blanket, chair, umbrella or body.

We built a slice of shade for Ambiana and us to hide in out of a tarp and a tent pole! Ambiana took her morning nap as I walked the length of the strand. There was a beautiful pond on one side and the Atlantic on the other. Though I had been here before as a kid nothing looked familiar. The surf was nice and I got in some body surfing! By 1pm we had had enough of the sun and the crowd so we packed up and motored home listening to the Red Sox/Angel game on the radio.

Join us at the Ocean!

Sunday we went and spent our 2 hours with Gaelen. We took him to a new swimming hole on the Green River that we had noticed driving out to Falcon Ridge last week. We weren't sure what we would find but approached it as an adventure and it turned out to be really nice; cool shallow water with nice deep pools running over smooth rocks and pebble beaches. Gaelen was in engineer mode and we built a house in the water to sit in which turned into a pirate ship complete with driftwood mast and wrapping paper sail. Next we constructed a series of canals, then a dam and finally some power generators. It was a quick two hours over as usual too soon but next week we have him for another overnight!

Join us as we explore new swimming holes!

On the way home we stopped in Becket to visit our new friends Russ and Sunna. We met them last week at Falcon Ridge. I was dancing in my AK Photon shirt and they asked if I was from AK. They live in Ester outside Fairbanks and have 100+ acres in Becket to which they plan to move to in the next few years. Sunna grew up in Girdwood and Bird Creek and Russ played in a bluegrass band called Moonshine Run which I happened to see play at the Organic Oasis back in November of 2000 in Anchorage. Their land is beautiful and they took us on a wonderful wooded walk to a sweet quarry swimming hole for some more watery fun. Like Colleen and I they also met Contra dancing! Before we left they made us some yummy quesadillas and a super yummy dessert of vanilla ice cream with maple syrup and bananas!!!

Our little Quoopdeedoop had a full weekend of sun and swimming holes. She is still a bit hesitant about water outside of the bathtub but she loves to watch her mommy and daddy frolic in the water!