Monday, August 07, 2006

Into Boston & a Backyard Splash Park

On Wednesday night we drove into Boston and spent the night with my momma and went the next day to the Public Garden to meet up with my Uncle Chuck, cousin Kristy and her partner Betsy and their son Jaqui, cousin Becky (whom I have not seen in probably 20 years) was in from Cancun with her partner Sergio and his son Diego, and my sister Katie and her husband Bob with their precocious daughter Maya. We had a picnic on the banks of the swan boat pond and watched those boats as they paddled to and fro. It was a hot day and a fun time; everybody had their own agendas; Becky, Sergio and Diego headed off to the MFA, Chuck, Kristy, Betsy and Jaqui went back to Haverhill where Aunt Pat was and Katie, Bob and Maya had a gazillion things to do (including puttin' in an offer on a house in Rosindale) before heading to Maine for 2 weeks.

This left just me, Colleen, Ambiana and Grandma to roll over to the Commons and splash in the Frog Pond. Oh childhood memories of Ben running around naked as a 3 year old freakin out all the urban pond dwellers. No nakedness this time. Ambiana liked checkin all the other babies as she and Colleen splashed about. Momma took us out for dinner at Skipjacks, just down the street from her place. We also enjoyed 2 Red Sox games on TV (well we enjoyed 1 as they won one and lost the other) and Colleen, Ambiana and I took an early morning run along the Esplanade. I used to run the Esplanade all the time when I was at BU and I love to run it every chance I get. It's one of my favorite urban spots; a nice grassy tree-lined riverside run with the bustling city to one side and the Charles River to the other. Everyone in Boston in the AM walks around plugged into an ipod and with a cup of coffee in one hand!

Join us in Boston!

Gaelen spent Saturday night & Sunday day with us. We made pizza, built a fire on the river and hung out on the Red Sox porch. Gaelen slept in his bed this time and was up at 7am. He really liked the Red Sox porch and we spent most of our time there. I explained to him the rudiments of Baseball and as he spoke to me of Spideyman and Doc Oc I talked to him of Big Papi and Manny. We spent the early AM on the porch reading from the book of Irish Heros Grandma brought back from Ireland last month.

With the temperature in the 90's I turned the backyard into a Splash Park complete with a Slip-N-Slide, a wading pool and a sprinkler to run through. It was a blast and Ambiana enjoyed watching Colleen, me and Gaelen run, slip, slide, jump and splash about. We spent a good chunk of time both days in the backyard as well as on the porch. We ended the vist with a trip to McCray's Farm for some yum-yum ice cream and a walk around the farm feeding the animals.

Join us for our Gaelen weekend!