Monday, April 16, 2007

No Boston Marathon for us :(

A combination of horrible weather, a fever yesterday for Ambiana and Colleen's continued hack has led us to not run the Boston Marathon this year. I had considered running it alone but without my lovies and all the rain felt it would not be the experience I was looking for. We are bummed but that's the way it goes. We are going to go into Boston next weekend to run the 5 mile Doyles' Road Race through Franklin Park which will be fun, hopefully next year we can run Boston :)

Roberta, her husband John and their two sons Matthew, 4, and Anthony, 17 months came to visit yesterday, wow seeing Roberta twice in 1 week! We had calzones for lunch and it was fun to see Gaelen running around with another little boy. The weather was miserable so we were confined to the house :(